Before you vote in the gubernatorial election, please watch this video of a candidate debate last night in northern California. The candidates are split along party lines. It’s hard to believe any would support high speed trains, but they do!!!

Link to HSR portion of debate:


Cue points for public comment (approximate) by SAFE members:

Bill Eick 1:38:20
Kelly Decker 1:44:37
Cindy Bloom 1:46:26
Lynne Toby 1:48:48
Kit Paull 1:51:14

Please submit your comments to the 2018 Draft Business plan (deadline is May 7):
Online comment form through the Draft 2018 Business Plan website at:
By U.S. mail to the Authority:
California High-Speed Rail Authority Attn: Draft 2018 Business Plan
770 L Street, Suite 620 MS-1
Sacramento, CA 95814

Voicemail comment at: (916) 384-9516


Click here to view.

May 7, 2018


Dear High Speed TRAIN Authority:
Given how much our communities have suffered and been damaged since August 14, 2014, when we were first “thrown under the train” by the “yellow banana,” we are pleased to be both involved enough and informed enough to provide enlightened and passionate feedback on the 2018 Business Plan. Since we have heard nothing form CHSRA since early 2016 due to its abdication of its “community outreach” program, since the Authority is years late on delivering the DEIR which it first said would be released in August 2016, and since the Authority reneged on plans to hold a board meeting in the northeast San Fernando Valley since June 2015, this video submittal, which will at least let you see and hear our faces and voices, along with this incisive cover letter, must suffice.

Maybe in an alternate universe or alternate reality this would be called a “Business Plan.” Because in the real world, a Business Plan is created by a stable, qualified and experienced management team. In the real world a Business Plan adds up and is precise. In the real world, a Business Plan has achievable timelines and schedules. In the real world, a Business Plan reflects stakeholder input. In the real world, a Business Plan is measurable and sets up accountability. In the real world, a Business Plan is the sum of its parts….

Our primary question and challenge to this Business Plan is that if one of its key elements, in this case, the Burbank to Palmdale project section, is so fatally flawed, full of “show stoppers” and unachievable, that the Business Plan, itself, does not hold together. This 2018 Business Plan, unfortunately, lacks one crucial element: reality.

We read this document with anticipation after reading the press release and knowing a new executive was in place. Unfortunately, the new management personnel has not been in place long enough to have created and taken ownership of this Business Plan. You can’t fool us. You can’t railroad us. This Business Plan is a product of past regimes that have created the largest boondoggle in California and possibly United States public works history. This Business Plan does not apply lessons learned; it is a prescription for mistakes to be repeated over and over and over because the Authority’s culture remains one of being treated as a special child, given priority and privilege without having earned it or respected the public trust that created it.

This Business Plan is vapid, devoid of facts, devoid of connection to the real California and devoid of responsiveness to communities held hostage for far too long. We substantiate our claim that the Business Plan is the sum of its parts and, thus, infeasible because it has a $12 billion hole in it; it has a 5-10 year scheduling gap in it. As a result, the Authority’s Board and the Legislature must reject this Business Plan and send management and staff back to the drawing board.

Following is a brief illustration of the shortcomings of the Palmdale to Burbank project sections, shortcomings that make that section and the entire Business Plan infeasible.

  1. The Burbank to Palmdale routes are infeasible and fatally flawed due to environmental complexity, unjust location of routes that divide communities and change community character, and budgets that remain both unfounded and exorbitant.
  2. The Authority has not presented the NE San Fernando Valley with any new options since early 2016 and has not improved on the old, flawed alternatives.
  3. The Authority continues to miss deadlines to present environmental studies to the NE San Fernando Valley, is nearly two years past August 2016 when the studies were first stated to be completed, and recent announcements about the studies being delayed until 2020 further hold our communities hostage unjustly.
  4. The Authority has failed to hold a board meeting in the NE San Fernando Valley as promised to stakeholders in 2015.
  5. CHSRA’s own geotechnical studies substantiate the flaws in all of the tunneled route proposals, in particular the study released in March 2017. In CHSRA’s own words from that document: “the geologic and hydrogeologic conditions along the tunnel alignments present significant design and construction challenges.” Those challenges would further exacerbate the environmental complexity, time delays and cost overruns characterizing the Authority’s work to date. It’s important to note that this definitive and enlightening Geotechnical study, produced by the Authority, was only obtained by the SAFE Coalition after months of dogged pursuit of information from the Authority, from elected officials and, ultimately, through a public records request that took many months to complete.
  6. All communities in the northeast San Fernando Valley oppose the project universally and unanimously due to all of the frequently stated damage and risks presented to densely populated residential and commercial areas, as well as to sensitive environmental areas.
  7. All elected officials in the NE San Fernando Valley are on the record individually, and some collectively, as opposed to the routes under consideration.

To conclude, if a major project section, such as Palmdale to Burbank, is infeasible and fatally flawed, then since it is a pillar of the Business Plan, itself, then logically the Business Plan is incomplete, infeasible, flawed and should not be approved by the Board or by the Legislature. We’d add one further note. Our research indicates that southern California taxpayers are being ripped off worse than taxpayers anywhere else in California by the fact that a disproportionate amount of CHSRA funds are being spent in northern and central California, creating whatever economic benefits the project possesses, while creating zero transportation benefits. The SAFE Coalition calls upon the Authority to immediately remove the flawed routes proposed for the Burbank to Palmdale project section and to quickly propose how remaining funds can be made available for other local transportation/bookend projects.

On behalf of all the communities which comprise the SAFE Coalition, please take these comments and the video to heart and revise your Business Plan and remove these infeasible routes from further consideration.

Dave DePinto


Photos from High Speed Train Protest Rally on April 14, 2018 – THANKS TO THOSE WHO JOINED AND ARE SUPPORTING US!

More than 100 sign-waving residents and more than a dozen horses and riders attended today’s informative, intense and loud protest rally at Lake View Terrace Recreation Center. In addition, the following communities were represented with speaking roles, showing the strength of the UNITED FRONT: Sylmar, Kagel Canyon, Lake View Terrace, Sunland-Tujunga, Riverwood Ranch, La Tuna Canyon, Shadow Hills, Stonehurst and Pacoima. The two major themes were: first, the audacity and lack of respect shown by the high speed train Authority in scheduling its board meeting next week downtown on a work day, rejecting more than 200 written requests from our community (none of which were given the courtesy of a response), requesting the meeting be in a convenient, Valley location to foster greater community attendance and input. Second, speakers hit repeatedly on the weaknesses and damages posed by the existing route proposals (E1, E2 and SR14), the lack of integrity of the environmental studies, and the lack of funding available to finish the project in Southern California. Even the previously rejected “Metrolink Alternative,” being re-assessed as an possible solution, was criticized as doing nothing to remove the present route alternatives. One last theme was the importance of communicating with our elected officials, in particular Senators Hertzberg and Portantino, in upcoming weeks as the public comment period for the 2018 Business Plan concludes and the Legislature will vote on whether to approve the Plan and enable continued funding. People in attendance felt strongly and chanted repeatedly that the Legislature should “elect to reject” the Business Plan. That chant and several others: “Let’s Vote Again,” “No More Trains,” and “Bite the Bullet,” resounded throughout the meeting! Our strong feeling is that the Business Plan is the sum of its parts and the Palmdale to Burbank project section is so flawed and infeasible that the entire Plan’s credibility and worthiness is Crowd Cross Sectionnegated. Finally, we noted for all in attendance that Mayor Garcetti, who is not working with or helping the SAFE Coalition or our communities, was in Iowa today meeting with union members and farmers related to his run for POTUS, and Councilmember Rodriguez, who has ignored hundreds of meeting and support requests from the SAFE Coalition and our communities on this issue since taking office last July, continued to renege on her campaign promises and again missed this important and large community meeting, much like she and her staff missed the Unity Meeting on February 22. The entire meeting was videotaped and the edited product will be available publicly shortly and will be submitted as official public comment on the 2018 Business Plan. For anyone interested in attending Tuesday’s high speed train board meeting, the meeting is at the Metropolitan Water District offices in downtown Los Angeles, starting at 10 a.m. Thanks to all the volunteers who made today’s meeting successful and inspirational!

The SAFE Coalition

Community Line-UpCrowd Facing


March 29, 2018

Dear all NE San Fernando Valley Elected Officials:

As you know, our communities have been requesting a high speed train board meeting in the NE San Fernando Valley since 2015 when the meeting proposed here was moved to downtown LA on a work day at the last minute by the CHSRA board. It’s now three years later and there still has not been a board meeting here or an opportunity for our communities, for you and for the high speed train board to face one another publicly.

As the 2018 Business Plan was nearing completion several months ago, we/SAFE Coalition asked for your assistance in securing a board meeting/public hearing related to the Business Plan here in the NE San Fernando Valley. We/SAFE Coalition petitioned CHSRA several months ago, prior to the Business Plan public review period, to hold the meeting here. Recently, following the February 22, 2018, Unity Meeting at All Nations Church, we delivered more than 225 signed letters from local residents to multiple CHSRA offices, including Chairman Dan Richard, and their new CEO, Brian Kelly, again calling for the meeting to be held in the NE San Fernando Valley.

As of today, Thursday, March 29, 2018, we have not heard back from CHSRA in any form. Their website simply shows a meeting in Los Angeles on April 17. While we’ve heard indirectly that information was shared at a recent SCAG meeting that the April 17 meeting would be at the downtown/SCAG location, that information is nowhere to be found publicly. Once this holiday weekend is past, we will be within 2 weeks of the April 17 meeting.

  • First of all, how can we all accept that the public’s requests, spanning more than 3 years, for a meeting in the NE San Fernando Valley, have yet to be granted?
  • Second, there is no public information about the location of the April 17 meeting, the agenda or any other meeting specifics. Need we call for an extension of the public comment period? 
  • Third, how can any of your constituents plan for a meeting anywhere during a work week, knowing we will need to juggle schedules, arrange for days off from work, arrange for child care and/or transportation?
  • Fourth, how can you and your staff prepare adequately for such a meeting?

In its news release for the release of the Business Plan, the CHSRA states it, “transparently acknowledges the project’s challenges and outlines a sensible path forward that will continue to put thousands of Californians to work building the nation’s first high-speed rail system.” It’s just more talk from the project that is has nearly tripled in cost while being delayed more than a decade.

Again, we want you all to know, on the eve of yet another holiday weekend, that your constituents remain hostage to this boondoggle project, have not been extended the courtesy of a local board meeting/hearing, and have no information about a meeting that appears to be scheduled in just over two weeks.

We again call upon you individually and collectively to demand a CHSRA/Business Plan board meeting/hearing in the NE San Fernando Valley and to demand immediate removal of the E1, E2 and SR14 routes.

On behalf of the SAFE Coalition, representing the united communities of Sylmar, Kagel Canyon, Lake View Terrace, Sunland-Tujunga, La Tuna Canyon, Shadow Hills, Sun Valley and Pacoima, please take action today and thank you.

Dave DePinto
Member, SAFE Coalition
President, Shadow Hills Property Owners Assn.

March 23, 2018
      Some people are receiving written responses from you to the letters they submitted to your office calling for greater action and responsiveness to constituents on the high-speed train issue. Many of these letters were submitted at the large Unity Meeting which you failed to attend. We question why you continue your misinformation campaign and hope you realize you lack credibility at this time on this issue. A weak letter like yours, full of deflection, deceit, delay, and outdated claims, will not change what constituents think or demand.
       Thus, I’m sending you all a recap of last night’s Sylmar neighborhood council meeting. The building of this strong grassroots Coalition against the high-speed train project continues with no assistance from your office. At the end of the recap is our very clear assessment of CD7 on this issue.
     We are seeing that you are completely out of step with the clearly expressed will of your District. But that’s what happens when you work in isolation and don’t trust and take advantage  of the  wealth of knowledge and expertise  possessed  by Community leaders. While you have been in office for about 9 months, your district has lived with this threat for over 3 years. What your District wants is for you to demand the removal of the present routes. Stand up and be tough for your constituents!

      Seeking new alternatives is akin to trying to save the world and to save the high-speed train project. That is not the concern of your constituents. Especially when the alternative you are touting is so far-fetched , long-term and a long shot. You are putting this District in the position  of another unwanted 3-5 year delay as any new alternative will need to undergo full environmental review and obtain the necessary funding.

      If you would meet with us, if you would talk with us, and if you would work with us you might be more in sync with the interests of your constituents. The fact that you met with the Coalition during the campaign more than a year ago is irrelevant at this point. You should know better than anyone that this is a day-to-day campaign against the now $78 billion high-speed train project with serious political, technical and environmental issues happening regularly. It requires daily focus, strategy, work and TEAMWORK. That you have not communicated or worked with the SAFE Coalition  for nearly a year is grossly negligent and a breach of the Pledge you signed as a candidate.
      As your Advisory Council on this issue, we call for complete transparency from you and we call for you to represent the interests of all your constituents.
      For the time it took for you to prepare your meaningless response letter, you could have written or called the Authority and demanded a meeting in the northeast San Fernando Valley. You could have expressed to the Authority your demand for removal of the existing routes. Or you could have sat down and met with us.
      Again, we call on cd7 for greater focus, collaboration, responsiveness and transparency.
Dave DePinto
Member, SAFE Coalition
President, Shadow Hills Property Owners Assn.

At tonight’s Sylmar Neighorhood Council meeting, four different motions were overwhelmingly passed affirming Sylmar’s opposition to high speed trains throughout the region and their desire to work closely with the SAFE Coalition. In addition to opposing routes E1, E2 and SR14 as part of a formal comment submission on the currently pending 2018 Business Plan, the Council voted to request a CHSRA board meeting in the NE San Fernando Valley, to designate several representatives to participate in ongoing SAFE Coalition meetings, and to submit a Community Impact Statement (CIS) calling for City Council action and amended wording on a long-stalled City Council motion. That last action formally brings the Sylmar NC into the “United Front” of community organizations with Foothill Trails District Neighborhood Council, Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council, Kagel Canyon Civic Assn., Lake View Terrace Improvement Assn., and Shadow Hills Property Owners Assn. Several Sylmar NC board members have been networked with SAFE Coalition for several years and championed this process of greater Sylmar participation. SAFE Coalition continues to encourage and assist the Pacoima and Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Councils to follow in Sylmar’s footsteps. The full language for the Motions are attached.

Thank you to all the members of the Council and, in particular, the members of the Land Use Committee that worked exhaustively with SAFE Coalition to study the history and status of the “$78 Billion Mistake.” and to take action to protect Sylmar and our entire NE San Fernando Valley.

Additional Notes: The SAFE Coalition was able to thank LAUSD School Board Member Kelly Gonez who was in attendance at the meeting for her recent excellent staff work and strong position paper opposing the high speed train project.

Unfortunately, Councilmember Rodriguez was not in attendance at the meeting and continues to reject all of SAFE Coalition’s overtures to meet and work together, despite receiving and ignoring more than 400 emails, letters, phone calls and written meeting requests. The result is an isolated and poorly informed Councilmember, whose stated position of promoting an old, previously rejected and delay-inducing route alternative, without DEMANDING removal of damaging existing routes first, is completely out of touch with her constituents. Stay tuned for news related to this issue and visit the SAFE website for further information at

Dave DePinto

Member, SAFE Coalition

President, Shadow Hills Property Owners Assn.

March 14, 2018

Dear Councilmember Rodriguez and Staff:

Now that you’ve recently received more than 300 additional written requests from informed residents that you meet with the SAFE Coalition to work together on high speed train strategy and action, we are following up to request you propose several meeting dates and times without further delay that would be convenient for you, and then we’ll work to ensure members of the SAFE Coalition leadership group be available as well. We will also let all the people who submitted those letters know of your response.

With the 2018 Business Plan public review period underway, and with CHSRA announcing several months ago another 2 year delay in their environmental studies, we believe the timing is more critical than ever for you to join with us in demanding removal of the E1 and E2 routes as the first order of business in our community’s ongoing dealings with the Authority. That action could be taken as official comment during this Business Plan review period and would be most in keeping with the Pledge and campaign promise you made during your campaign.

As we’ve communicated to you, we too have sought consideration of the Metrolink Alternative, as well as other alternatives, and been denied by the Authority. The Mayor also raised this Alternative more than a year ago and there must not be any action by CHSRA if you needed to re-surface the Alternative nearly ten months later. Thus, we view any study of the Metrolink Alternative as a long-term, long-shot that would require another 3-5 years of environmental study if it is even proven to be in compliance with Prop 1A. Your District must not remain hostage as these long-term solutions are explored. We are calling for this action on existing routes to precede any further efforts on long-term alternatives and would constitute a very substantive City Council motion, which we have asked you to pursue many times in the past, as well.

You know it is untrue to state that you’ve met with the SAFE Coalition, which you have not done since taking office in July 2017, and we hope to see you embrace partnering on developing a solution here. We will continue to communicate with you in our capacity as the “true” Advisory Council to CD7 on the high speed train issue, and we will keep our community and community leaders updated on your response. We hope to hear from you soon on this, or we will reach out to your office once again.

Thank you.

Dave DePinto

President Shadow Hills Property Owners Assn.

Member, SAFE Coalition

Three new articles:

Los Angeles Times:  March 9, 2018  Cost for California bullet train system rises to $77.3 billion

Daily News:  March 9, 2018 Bullet train opponents call on LA leader to take stronger stance against project routes

Daily News:  March 9, 2018 Cost of California bullet train surges $13 billion, more delays expected



MR_Pacoima3 edited1Hundreds of Protest Letters Delivered To Councilmember Monica Rodriguez

Nine months into Councilmember Rodriguez’ first term, and less than two weeks after she and her staff snubbed all communities threatened by the high-speed train meeting by NOT attending the Unity Meeting held at All Nations Church, members of the SAFE Coalition delivered more than 225 signed letters and a petition signed by an additional 70+ residents from every community in the northeast San Fernando Valley to CD7 field offices in Pacoima, Sylmar and Sunland-Tujunga. The residents’ letters and petition call for the Councilmember to work with the SAFE Coalition in a transparent manner, to stop delaying action that would remove routes E1 and E2, and to represent their will and not her own agenda on high-speed trains.

Specifically, the residents call for Councilmember Rodriguez to lead the City Council to pass a Motion demanding immediate REMOVAL of proposed routes E1 and E2 from further consideration BEFORE focusing her attention on alternative routes that may or may not be feasible, but which will certainly require many more years of study, keeping our communities hostage indefinitely, to the benefit of the high-speed train Authority and its supporters such as unions and construction contractors.

Bottom line, due to the lack of action by Councilmember Rodriguez, our communities are no better off today with the City of LA on this issue than they were over a year ago when the Councilmember signed a Pledge and made a major campaign promise. Don’t railroad us Councilmember Rodriguez, work with us!

To send your own letter, click Monica Rodriquez so that you can download, print, sign your name and address, and email to and  Thank you.




Read Congressman

Tony Cardenas’ Letter

to CHSRA Chairman Dan

Richard dated 1-12-18




click on image to enlarge

Read the LA Times article dated 1/16/18 by Ralph Vartebedian:  California bullet train cost surges by $2.8 billion: ‘Worst-case scenario has happened’


Watch an interview of California Representative Jim Patterson on CBS-Sacramento about the recent $2.8 billion (35%) cost overrun for the Central Valley (1/16/18):


Latest CHSRA Newsletter for the Palmdale to Burbank Project Section – sent 9/25/17

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 1.35.55 PM
Click to read the latest CAHSRA Newsletter that was sent out on Sept. 25, 2017.

Sun Valley Area – Maps from CAHSRA –
Detail tunnel construction showing routes that are fully bored, cut-and-cover, & above ground/at surface.
Click to view the entire Palmdale to Burbank route map

The first two images were prepared from maps dated February 23, 2017 obtained from CHSRA through a public records request and annotated by SAFE for clarity. The last two images help give context and dimensions regarding the cut-and-cover process: Third image shows both E2’s path and depth profile; Fourth image illustrates the different footprints for various construction methods. Click images to enlarge. See links below to see more route “profile” information.


Click here for CHSRA’s map that delineates between cut and over and deep bored tunnels.

Profile and Depth Maps Issued from CHSRA, August, 2016
Fly-over Videos Issued September 16, 2016

These are the Profile and Depth Maps and also the Fly-over videos for the three proposed routes of the California High Speed Train. Click to see all of the current and past information on CHSRA website for Palmdale to Burbank.

Palmdale to Burbank Project Section Fact Sheet – Summer 2016
Palmdale to Burbank Project Section CWG Presentation – Summer 2016
Click on the video to start, to enlarge, you can then click on the YouTube Logo or the four-corner square to go full screen

LA Councilmember Rodriguez letter to CHSRA

Click image to enlarge

Letter from CD7 Councilmember Monica Rodriguez to CHSRA

On November 11, 2017, Councilmember Monica Rodriguez sent this letter to Dan Richards, Chairman of the CHSRA requesting an alternative alignment for the Palmdale to Burbank route. The financial resource savings would go to improving the Metrolink (Antelope Valley Line), avoiding the high cost problems of tunneling through the San Gabriel National Monument, thereby preserving the open spaces, homes and ranches of the San Fernando Valley.

Letter from LA County 5th District Supervisor Kathryn Barger to CHSRA

As Supervisor Kathryn Barger states in her letter to Mr. Richards submitted November 14, 2017, “I join with my colleague Los Angeles City Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez in my concern regarding the current proposed routes.” Both of these elected officials are encouraging CHSRA to include an alternate alignment from Palmdale to Burbank that precludes the need to go through the Angeles National Forest, because “These communities and the Angeles National Forest are vital resources within Los Angeles County and must be protected.”

LA County 5th District Supervisor's letter to CHSRA

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Support Letter from Legislators Bocanegra, Portantino and Hertzberg for elimination of E2

California Assemblymember Bocanegra and Senators Portantino and Hertzberg recommend that CHSRA’s proposed E2 route be eliminated from consideration as…”The impact of this above and below ground route on our respective communities is not acceptable to any of us.”

Also, please read about the Bill introduced by Assemblymember Raul Bocanegra which just passed in the CA Assembly regarding the revitalization of the Pacoima and Tujunga Washes. (Click to Read the Bill)

06/01/17 – Los Angeles Daily News, “Bill to help revitalize Pacoima, Tujunga washes passes Assembly” By City News Service

More problems for HSR in So. Calif: LA supervisors blast state’s high-speed rail Palmdale to Burbank

Read the article about the June 28th Board of Supervisors Meeting

The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to oppose a version of the Palmdale-to-Burbank high-speed rail segment proposed to run through the Big Tujunga Wash in the Angeles National Forest.

Supervisor Michael Antonovich recommended that the board send a letter opposing the plan — one of three alternatives set for environmental review — to county lobbyists and the California High-Speed Rail Authority Board.

The letter will also state that the board opposes any segment that would cross the Big Tujunga Wash at or above grade, and that the remaining two alternatives also pose threats to homes and wildlife areas, and press for an update on long-awaited hydrological and technical studies.

LA City Council Motion in Support of Removal of E-2 Route
Proposed by CD2 Councilmember Paul Kerkorian and Seconded by LA City Council President Herb Wesson (CD10 and temporary manager for CD7), and Mitch O’Farrell (CD13).


Read/Download the City Council Motion Supporting the Elimination of E2 – Above Grade Route

“I FURTHER MOVE that the Council express opposition to the Refined E-2 Alignment for the California High Speed Rail Authority’s Palmdale-to-Burbank project segment and any other alignments that would cross any natural segments of the Los Angeles River and its tributaries, including the Big Tujunga Wash, at or above grade within the City of Los Angeles.”

Revised Supplemental Alternatives Analysis (SAA) Reports Released April, 2016

The following Supplemental Alternative Analysis Reports have been released by CHSRA that affect our area:

Please read Ralph Vartabedian’s article from April 8, 2016 LA Times “State releases new details on possible bullet train routes” which will help you understand the magnitude of the impact to the greater Los Angeles area.

Major High Speed Rail Route Changes in Palmdale to Burbank Project Section

CHSRA-email-3-2016-thumb Click for explanatory email sent to the public by CHSRA

04/10/16 – NBC LA “News Conference” Conan Nolan interviews CHSRA Chairman Dan Richard about the revised routes of High Speed Rail.

03/17/16 – Los Angeles Times, “State revises proposed bullet train routes, but San Fernando Valley communities remain skeptical” By Ralph Vartabedian

03/17/16 – NBC Los Angeles, “SoCal High Speed Rail Route Change Has Neighbors Upset” Reported by Conan Nolan and Dennis Lahti

03/17/16 – Los Angeles Daily News, “Valley residents give proposed new bullet train routes mixed reviews” By Dana Bartholomew

03-16-16 – LA Daily News, “Bullet train to potentially change course into Southern California” By Dana Bartholomew

Taking the newly released CHSRA refined route map (March 2016) and overlaying it onto a Street Map (CLICK TO VIEW), you will better be able to see streets in more detail, not perfectly accurate, but you can magnify it more. However, please be aware that just because a route shows pink/purple and says underground, that does NOT mean it is necessarily a fully bored tunnel (this was confirmed with a CHSRA representative.) It could also mean it is cut-and-cover, eventually that part will be all underground, but they need to come in from above and that means eminent domain to those affected properties. Note the part along San Fernando Rd: that “underground section” will no doubt will be cut-and-cover.

“I am deeply disappointed in the HSR Authority’s decision to move forward with these routes through the Angeles National Forest. California needs high-speed rail — but it needs to be done in the right way, with proper thought given to how a particular route will affect communities, open space and environmental justice concerns. If a route through our communities cannot adequately address all of these important considerations, the HSR Authority may need to go back to the drawing board.”
Congressman Adam Schiff


S.A.F.E. is focusing on the short-term objective of getting E2, with its horrendous above ground features, removed from further consideration. Make no mistake, we remain very concerned and vigilant about ALL ROUTES through the Forest but E2 is the worst for people, open space, businesses and sensitive environmental areas – it is BOTH in the Forest AND above ground across our treasured Big Tujunga Wash!

READ the latest post regarding E2 with maps of how the Tujunga Wash will be affected!

READ the letter from SAFE to CA HSR involved agencies regarding E2


We have taken the official CHSRA map and overlaid it onto a street map so you can see a bit better where the routes go. It is not perfectly accurate due to offsets between the two maps, but close enough to see within a block where the proposed routes go.

CHSRA Route Map overplayed onto Street Map – March 2016

We Still Need Everyone’s Help!

We are still taking donations for our educational-instructional fund and our legal fund. If you don’t have the time to volunteer, please consider making a monetary donation to this important fight. (Click Here to Donate!)

Thank you!
S.A.F.E. (Save Angeles Forest for Everyone)
Sunland-Tujunga NC
Lake View Terrace NC
Kagel Canyon Civic Association
Shadow Hills Property Owners Association

The Latest about CA High Speed Rail

Check out our UPDATE PAGE on the latest from S.A.F.E. and the CA High Speed Rail Authority. For links to all articles regarding CHSRA, visit our NEWS PAGE.

The High Speed Tunnel Portal Facilities that are required through the San Gabriel National Monument and the Angeles National Forest!

For an eye opening understanding of the infrastructure necessary to support the tunnel through the forest, please read: TECHNICAL MEMORANDUM – High-Speed Train Tunnel Portal Facilities TM 2.4.6.
Keep in mind, one acre is approximately the size of a football field without the end zones! There is above ground impact to the forest other than just the tunneling!



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Must See! – “Build It Bigger: Mega Tunnel”

See what the Tunnel Boring Machine is all about.
45 minute video of just what will be happening if those tunnels are approved in our neighborhoods.

Links to SAFE and/or Community Important Events


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S.A.F.E. – Save Angeles Forest for Everyone

S.A.F.E. was organized to stop the California High Speed Rail Authority from building train routes within the Palmdale to Burbank project section that damaged our local communities, the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument and the Angeles National Forest. The so-called “East Corridor” includes routes that would travel approximately 35 miles over, under and through our communities and open space. Locally impacted communities include: Kagel Canyon, Lake View Terrace, Sunland-Tujunga, Shadow Hills, La Tuna Canyon and Sun Valley. Potential impacts, from both operational and construction phases, include damage to our community character, water resources, visual and aesthetics, noise and vibration, truck traffic and air quality, human and animal health, equestrian culture and industry and economy. We are working in unity with neighboring communities similarly impacted by high speed rail proposals including Pacoima, San Fernando, Santa Clarita, Acton and Agua Dulce.

Don’t Railroad Our Communities! Read all the facts and history of this project and get involved!


It is very apparent that HSR has the “cart ahead of the horse” at this juncture in this region…pun intended…from both an engineering/design and communications standpoint, and is struggling to develop the right strategy to build and communicate within densely populated communities. It was shocking to us that HSR, with its vast array of financial, engineering, technical and political/communications resources, could propose the flawed Corridors E1 and E2.

For starters, each of the East Corridor alternatives violates the premise and spirit of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument and Angeles National Forest, and we challenge whether the routes legally adhere to the definition of “existing transportation and utility corridors” as required by the enabling legislation and Proposition 1A, as approved narrowly by California voters. The East Corridor alternatives tunnel directly under the heart of the residential, equestrian communities of Shadow Hills, La Tuna Canyon, Lake View Terrace, Kagel Canyon, Sun Valley and Burbank. These alternatives create damage of varying degrees to nearby Sunland/Tujunga, Pacoima and San Fernando, affecting equestrians and recreation enthusiasts from throughout LA County who use the Northeast San Fernando Valley for their equestrian and varied recreation pursuits.

The overall reputation, quality of life and historic equestrian culture of our Foothill communities would be decimated by the construction of multiple, gaping tunnel openings and an elevated rail line over our flood plain, equestrian trail network and recreation/open space areas. In addition, the local equestrian-related economy (which exceeds $100 million in value annually, not including equestrian real estate nor indirect economic benefits) consisting of horse sales, boarding, feeding, shoeing/trim, trucks, trailers, veterinarians and insurance would be devastated.


Schiff decries proposal for high-speed rail tunnel below Angeles National Forest
Congressman calls route underneath Angeles National Forest ‘implausible.’

From the Glendale News-Press By Arin Mikailian January 15, 2015 | 6:26 p.m.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) is speaking out against the proposed idea of having high-speed rail tracks run through underground tunnels beneath the Angeles National Forest to connect Palmdale and Burbank and calls the alternative a costly dead-end.

California’s High-Speed Rail Authority plans to study having a section of the rail pass through the southwestern part of the forest…READ ENTIRE STORY

This economic loss does not include the permanent property value and other non-equestrian-related sales tax loss that the State and local government agencies would lose due to HSR’s use of eminent domain and devaluation of “survivor” properties.

We have projected the severe damage created by HSR’s East Corridor proposal, however preliminary or conceptual HSR intended, in its construction and operational phases. This comprehensive analysis, similar to but far less costly than an EIR/EIS, should lead you to eliminate the East Corridor alternatives immediately from further consideration.

We also believe HSR has a fiduciary responsibility to the State and its taxpayers to operate efficiently per the legislation. Already, the introduction and study of far-fetched and flawed alternatives such as E1 and E2 represents a waste of time and taxpayer monies. Including these infeasible alternatives in the EIR/EIS will compound the wastefulness as well as raise serious legal issues related to NEPA and CEQA.

We have organized our analysis so that the most heavily impacted communities/open space areas are discussed:
· Shadow Hills/La Tuna Canyon/Sun Valley
· Lake View Terrace
· Kagel Canyon
· Big Tujunga Wash/Hansen Dam Recreation Area
· San Gabriel Mountains National Monument and Angeles National Forest


• Bullet Train Tunnels and Lines Dug/Located Under, Over and Through Our Communities

• Eminent Domain – Your House Could be Taken from You at a Financial Loss

• Property Values and Your Home’s Equity (Your Life’s Savings!) Devastated

• 60+ Foot Wide Tunnel Openings, Speeding Train and Elevated Bridge Visible/Audible for Miles

• Horses, Wildlife and Public Safety Seriously Endangered

• Serious Health Issues Due to Dust, Truck Emissions, Noise and Vibration

• Equestrian and Recreation Trails Closed and Destroyed; Equestrian Industry and Lifestyle Decimated

• Constant Noise and Visual Blight for Hundreds of Thousands of Residents and Motorists Daily

• Water Pollution Created; Water Supply Threatened

• 1 Million Plus Truck Trips to Remove Tunnel Dirt Damages Roads, Pollutes Air, Closes Roads, Jams Traffic

• National Monument, National Forest, Rim of the Valley and Wildlife Corridors Violated

• False, Misleading Claims by HSR re: Costs, Jobs, Economic Benefits & Ridership Projections

“Legislation requires high speed rail to be built in existing transportation and utility corridors.”

“Our elected officials should move away from the presumption that high speed rail will happen at any cost and move more toward demanding it be done right and cost-effectively…or not done at all.”

We invite you to join us in stopping the HSR.
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