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This is what numerous stakeholders in the area the day after Christmas 2014:  A Request for Permit to Enter Letter (requesting permission to inspect our properties with respect to running a high-speed train through or near our homes/businesses).  This letter drove the attendance up to over 2,300 at our first Unity Meeting in January 2015.

Environmental and Safety Concerns
Dewatering of the Angeles National Forest - The ANF contributes to the City of Los Angeles' local water supply. Additionally, Kagel Canyon residents use groundwater from wells. The Metro RedLine's tunneling caused serious problems. Streams Drying Up in Hills Near Tunneling, LA Times, August 10, 1997

The noise and vibration can alter wildlife's mating cycles and habitat.

Earthquakes - The Palmdale to Burbank route crosses numerous active earthquake faults, including the infamous San Andreas fault.

Wildfires - Numerous wildfires occur in and around the Angeles National Forest, and the Creek Fire in 2017 nearly followed the Palmdale to Burbank route in detail. Because the train's technology is metal [wheels] on metal [tracks] it is a likely candidate to start fires by sparks during braking. Additionally, catenaries providing high voltage electrical power to the train easily spark.


Ringtail. David Wyatt

Bobcat kittens. Wikipedia

Mountain Lion. Joanna Turner

Condor. LA Times


Endangered Santa Ana Suckerfish.  Haines Canyon Creek is one of its few natural habitats


Left: Arrow pointing to area where Palmdale to Burbank Corridor lays. Right: 2008 earthquakes relative to routes


Images from the Creek Fire December 2017. Kagel Canyon, Sylmar, Shadow Hills


Left: Sparks from braking.  Right: Sparks from catenary


Map of 2017 Creek Fire Footprint and evacuation area

Fire Burning Site Hi-Res.png
Tunnel SH.jpg
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