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12/16/21:  SAFE letter to Amit Bose of the FRA regarding CHSRA's misrepresentation during construction tour

03/10/21:  SAFE letter to Sec'y of Transportation Pete Buttigieg re: why high-speed rail is a terrible candidate for federal dollars

01/04/21:  Tutor-Perini-Zachry-Parsons 35-page letter to CHSRA demanding answers regarding the project's untenable project delays

08/1/19:  SAFE letter to state electeds regarding CHSRA's removal of thousands of pages of documents from

07/22/19:  High Speed Rail Website Removes Thousands of Pages of Documents Assemblyman Patterson Demands Their Return

07/01/19:  Letter to U.S. District Attorney

6/14/19: SAFE letter to Attorney General William Barr suggesting that a grand jury be empaneled

03/28/19: William Eick letter to FRA in support of termination agreement

03/20/19: Feinstein letter to Sec’y Chao in support of keeping FRA grant funding

03/04/19: CHSRA letter to FRA Batory in response to termination

02/19/19: Batory Letter (FRA) to Kelly re CAHSR Termination

05/29/18: Bill Eick's Letter regarding the CHSRA's Geotechnical Tunnel Feasibility Study

03/29/18:  SAFE Letter to San Fernando Valley Elected Officials and Media

1/12/2018:  Letter from Sen. Beall and Assemblyman Patterson to State Audit Committee

04/11/16:  Shadow Hills Property Owners Assn. Letter to CHSRA

11/2015:  USFS List of Mitigation Requirements

10/19/15:  Letter from SAFE to Messrs. Vail and Farra, US Forest Service

05/14/2015: Letter from SAFE  to CHSRA regarding the problems with the E2 route

03/15/2015:  Letter from SAFE to Electeds re: Adam Schiff Rim of Valley Concerns Pasadena Star News

12/22/2014:  S.A.F.E Position Paper to CHSRA Chair

11/6/2014:  Letter from SAFE to the US Secretary of Agriculture

04/10/14CCHSRA Letter to CHSRA re: 2014 Business Plan

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