March 22, 2018

Sylmar Neighborhood Council Emphatically Joins High Speed Train Opposition

At tonight’s Sylmar Neighorhood Council meeting, four different motions were overwhelmingly passed affirming Sylmar’s opposition to high speed trains throughout the region and their desire to work closely with the SAFE Coalition. In addition to opposing routes E1, E2 and SR14 as part of a formal comment submission on the currently pending 2018 Business Plan, the Council voted to request a CHSRA board meeting in the NE San Fernando Valley, to designate several representatives to participate in ongoing SAFE Coalition meetings, and to submit a Community Impact Statement (CIS) calling for City Council action and amended wording on a long-stalled City Council motion. That last action formally brings the Sylmar NC into the “United Front” of community organizations with Foothill Trails District Neighborhood Council, Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council, Kagel Canyon Civic Assn., Lake View Terrace Improvement Assn., and Shadow Hills Property Owners Assn. Several Sylmar NC board members have been networked with SAFE Coalition for several years and championed this process of greater Sylmar participation. SAFE Coalition continues to encourage and assist the Pacoima and Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Councils to follow in Sylmar’s footsteps. The full language for the Motions are attached.

Thank you to all the members of the Council and, in particular, the members of the Land Use Committee that worked exhaustively with SAFE Coalition to study the history and status of the “$78 Billion Mistake.” and to take action to protect Sylmar and our entire NE San Fernando Valley.

Additional Notes: The SAFE Coalition was able to thank LAUSD School Board Member Kelly Gonez who was in attendance at the meeting for her recent excellent staff work and strong position paper opposing the high speed train project.

Unfortunately, Councilmember Rodriguez was not in attendance at the meeting and continues to reject all of SAFE Coalition’s overtures to meet and work together, despite receiving and ignoring more than 400 emails, letters, phone calls and written meeting requests. The result is an isolated and poorly informed Councilmember, whose stated position of promoting an old, previously rejected and delay-inducing route alternative, without DEMANDING removal of damaging existing routes first, is completely out of touch with her constituents. Stay tuned for news related to this issue and visit the SAFE website for further information at

Dave DePinto

Member, SAFE Coalition<

President, Shadow Hills Property Owners Assn.

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About the Author:

Dave DePinto is the president of the Shadow Hills Property Owners Association and a member of the “working group” that is part of S.A.F.E. (Save Angeles Forest for Everyone).