S.A.F.E. is pleased to receive support from the following groups or individuals with our goal to stop the High Speed Rail East Corridor proposal and in supporting our environmental concerns. We also list the following publications in their ongoing coverage and support for transparency from CHSRA and in some cases, their agreement of the removal of the forest routes.


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10/9/18 – Senator Robert Hertzberg…After careful deliberation and listening to the concerns raised by my constituents in the San Fernando Valley, I write to express my opposition to the construction of any at- or above-ground route regarding the Palmdale to Burbank project section of High-Speed Rail…”


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10/9/18 – LA Councilmember Nury Martinez (CD6)

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1/12/18 – Congressman Tony Cardenas’ Letter to CHSRA Chairman Dan Richard 

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LA Councilmember Rodriguez letter to CHSRA

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11/11/17 – Letter from CD7 Councilmember Monica Rodriguez to CHSRA

On November 11, 2017, Councilmember Monica Rodriguez sent this letter to Dan Richards, Chairman of the CHSRA requesting an alternative alignment for the Palmdale to Burbank route. The financial resource savings would go to improving the Metrolink (Antelope Valley Line), avoiding the high cost problems of tunneling through the San Gabriel National Monument, thereby preserving the open spaces, homes and ranches of the San Fernando Valley.




11/14/17 – Letter from LA County 5th District Supervisor Kathryn Barger to CHSRA

LA County 5th District Supervisor's letter to CHSRA

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Kathryn Barger states in her letter to Mr. Richards submitted November 14, 2017, “I join with my colleague Los Angeles City Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez in my concern regarding the current proposed routes.” Both of these elected officials are encouraging CHSRA to include an alternate alignment from Palmdale to Burbank that precludes the need to go through the Angeles National Forest, because “These communities and the Angeles National Forest are vital resources within Los Angeles County and must be protected.






6/1/17 – Support Letter from Legislators Bocanegra, Portantino and Hertzberg for elimination of E2


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California Assemblymember Bocanegra and Senators Portantino and Hertzberg recommend that CHSRA’s proposed E2 route be eliminated from consideration as…”The impact of this above and below ground route on our respective communities is not acceptable to any of us.”

Also, please read about the Bill introduced by Assemblymember Raul Bocanegra which just passed in the CA Assembly regarding the revitalization of the Pacoima and Tujunga Washes. (Click to Read the Bill)

7/1/16 – More problems for HSR in So. Calif: LA supervisors blast state’s high-speed rail Palmdale to Burbank

Read the article about the June 28th Board of Supervisors Meeting

The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to oppose a version of the Palmdale-to-Burbank high-speed rail segment proposed to run through the Big Tujunga Wash in the Angeles National Forest.

Supervisor Michael Antonovich recommended that the board send a letter opposing the plan — one of three alternatives set for environmental review — to county lobbyists and the California High-Speed Rail Authority Board.

The letter will also state that the board opposes any segment that would cross the Big Tujunga Wash at or above grade, and that the remaining two alternatives also pose threats to homes and wildlife areas, and press for an update on long-awaited hydrological and technical studies.


city-of-los-angeles-hrs-motion-9-2016-19/21/16 – LA City Council Motion in Support of Removal of E-2 Route Proposed by CD2 Councilmember Paul Kerkorian and Seconded by LA City Council President Herb Wesson (CD10 and temporary manager for CD7), and Mitch O’Farrell (CD13).

Read/Download the City Council Motion Supporting the Elimination of E2 – Above Grade Route

“I FURTHER MOVE that the Council express opposition to the Refined E-2 Alignment for the California High Speed Rail Authority’s Palmdale-to-Burbank project segment and any other alignments that would cross any natural segments of the Los Angeles River and its tributaries, including the Big Tujunga Wash, at or above grade within the City of Los Angeles.”



 12/19/14 – Schiff/Chu Letter regarding concerns for HSR to go through Angeles National Forest 



thumb-inside-bay-area05/04/16 – LA Times, “Editorial: Californians deserve more transparency on bullet train finances” By The Times Editorial Board
04/17/16 – LA Times, “Editorial: Who is going to pay for the bullet train to L.A.?” By The Times Editorial Board

11/17/17 – LA Daily News, “California bullet train project is burning through cash ” By The Editorial Board – LA Daily News
02/22/17 – LA Daily News, “Electrifying debate over bullet train funding” By The Editorial Board – LA Daily News
01/20/17 – LA Daily News, “Bullet train veering off fiscal track?” By The Editorial Board – LA Daily News
07/05/16 – Los Angeles Daily News, “Editorial: More evidence bullet train would need a push from taxpayers” By The Editorial Board, LA Daily News
06/10/16 – Los Angeles Daily News, “Editorial: Cut bullet train, put that cash in rainy-day fund” By Los Angeles Daily News Editorial Staff
04/22/16 – The Los Angeles Daily News, “Fiscal scrutiny long overdue for bullet train” By The Editorial Board, LA Daily News
01/22/15 – Los Angeles Daily News, “Editorial: Don’t put the bullet train through L.A. horse country” By The Editorial Board, LA Daily News

thumb-oc-register10/07/17 – OC Register, “Opinion – California high-speed rail blows past another deadline” by OC Register Editorial Board
07/03/16 – Orange County Register, “Opinion: High-speed rail still off the tracks” By Orange County Register Editorial

02/07/16 – Orange County Register, “OPINION: Bullet-train foes railroaded at legislative hearing” By Orange County Register Editorial
02/19/16 – Orange County Register, “OPINION: Bullet train an ever-shifting mirage” By Orange County Register Editorial
04/11/16 – Orange County Register, “OPINION: Bullet train still on track to go almost nowhere” By Orange County Register Editorial

thumb-san-diego-tribune12/15/17 – San Diego Union-Tribune, “Editorial | California’s bullet train: No CEO, no funds, no future” By The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board
fox11 la logo3/31/16 – Fox11 Los Angeles, “Point of View: High speed rail changing course” By Vice-President & General Manager Bob Cook

thumb-san-jose-mercury-news02/19/16 – San Jose Mercury News, “Mercury News editorial: High-speed rail still a boondoggle, even if supposedly coming to San Jose” By Mercury News Editorial
thumb-inside-bay-area02/19/16 – Contra Costa Times, “Oakland Tribune editorial: HSR embarks on another trip to Fantasyland” By Oakland Tribune Editorial

Sierra Club state director quoted in a August 23, 2014 LA Times article on the High Speed Rail route through the Angeles National Forest: “The environmental impacts would be enormous,” said Kathryn Phillips, director of Sierra Club California, which generally supports the high-speed rail project. “Going through a national forest isn’t going to sit well with my members.”
San Gabriel Mountains Forever logo San Gabriel Mountains Forever (SGMF) voted on July 8, 2015 to oppose the proposed East Corridor Routes of the Palmdale to Burbank Project Section of the California High Speed Rail.
Santa Susana Mountain Park Association, Letter to CHSRA, “Opposition to East Corridor of Palmdale to Burbank High Speed Rail Segment”

LA Equine Advisory Committee Letter of Support to Eliminate the HSR East Corridor Proposal: At it’s January 2015 meeting, the LA Equine Advisory Committee, whose appointees serve at the pleasure of the Mayor and City Council, voted unanimously to call for the elimination of the proposed “East Corridor” high speed rail alternatives from further consideration citing the potential damage, to residents, horse properties, equestrian and recreational trails, and the equestrian culture and industry.

Letter from The Federation of Hillside and Canyon Associations, Inc. to the HSR Authority urging them to abandon the East Corridor proposal

The Sunland-Tujunga Chamber of Commerce board has voted to endorse S.A.F.E.

The Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council has voted to endorse S.A.F.E.