Links for Information pertaining to the FRA action to claw back funding:

Press Release: Statement of Federal Railroad Administration on Termination of Fiscal Year 2010 Grant Agreement with California High-Speed Rail Authority

Termination Letter from Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to California High-Speed Rail Authority – May 16, 2019

Exhibit A: Fiscal Year 2010 Agreement, as amended

Exhibit B: Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Notice of Intent to Terminate Cooperative Agreement – February 19, 2019

Exhibit C: California High-Speed Rail Authority Letter to Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Administrator Ronald L. Batory – March 4, 2019

Exhibit D: California High-Speed Rail Authority Letter to Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Director of Program Delivery, Jamie Rennert – March 4, 2019

Exhibit E: Final California High-Speed Rail Authority 2019 Project Update Report

Exhibit F: California High-Speed Rail Authority Fiscal Year 2010 Application

Exhibit G: Funding Contribution Plan Correspondence

Exhibit H: Detailed Quarterly Budget Correspondence

Exhibit I: Project Management Plan Correspondence

Exhibit J: Annual Work Plan Correspondence


Several dozen S.A.F.E. Coalition supporters hiked the San Gabriel Mountains on 1-25-15 to the Oak Spring channel area just east of the Wildlife Waystation. The photo shows water at the Spring, which runs 365 days a year, and which we believe feeds from Little Tujunga into the San Fernando Aquifer. The presence of the Oak Spring, as well as other nearby springs, demonstrates the potential damage of tunneling through the Angeles Forest and disrupting a source of LA's drinking water.

Several dozen S.A.F.E. Coalition supporters hiked the San Gabriel Mountains to the Oak Spring channel area just east of the Wildlife Waystation. The photo shows water at the Spring, which runs 365 days a year, and which we believe feeds from Little Tujunga into the San Fernando Aquifer. The presence of the Oak Spring, as well as other nearby springs, demonstrates the potential damage of tunneling through the Angeles Forest and disrupting a source of LA’s drinking water.

08-1-19:  SAFE letter to state electeds regarding CHSRA’s removal of thousands of pages of documents from

07-22-19:  High Speed Rail Website Removes Thousands of Pages of Documents Assemblyman Patterson Demands Their Return

07-01-19:  Letter to U.S. District Attorney

6-14-19: SAFE letter to Attorney General William Barr suggesting that a grand jury be empaneled

03/28/19: William Eick letter to FRA in support of termination agreement

03/20/19: Feinstein letter to Sec’y Chao in support of keeping FRA grant funding

03/04/19: CHSRA letter to FRA Batory in response to termination

03/04/19 CHSRA letter to FRA Rennert in response to termination

02/19/19: Batory Letter (FRA) to Kelly re CAHSR Termination

05/29/18: Bill Eick’s Letter regarding the CHSRA’s Geotechnical Tunnel Feasibility Study

05/14/2015: Letter from S.A.F.E.  to CHSRA regarding the problems with the E2 route

12/22/2014:  S.A.F.E Position Paper to CHSRA Chair

11/6/2014:  Letter from S.A.F.E. to the US Secretary of Agriculture



04-29-19: Los Angeles Times:  Costs for California’s high-speed rail project may increase by $1.8 billion

04-29-19: Biz Journal: High-speed rail chair says rebuilding project’s credibility begins this week

04-26-19: Los Angeles Times: How California’s high-speed rail project was ‘captured’ by costly consultants

04-05-19: Biz Journal: Bullet train CEO has new plan

03/07/19 Representative McCarthy Introduces Legislation to repurpose high speed rail funding to water projects

03/03/19:  LA Times:  Newsom’s shorter bullet train plan likely to run out of money

02/21/19:  LA Times: Why the feds are right to question California’s bullet train

02/21/19: LA Times:  Will California’s bullet train be derailed by a waffling governor

02/15/19:  LA Times: California Governor, Trump spar over bullet train money

02/13/19: LA Times: Pumping the breaks on bullet train

02/12/19: LA Times: Newsom’s bullet train honesty a welcome change from Brown

11/29/18:  LA Times:  State legislator calls for resignation of bullet train chairman

11/29/18: Silicon Valley Business Journal:  Assembly transportation chair wants resignation of high-speed rail chief after scathing audit report

11/15/18:  LA Times:  State audit blames bullet train mismanagement for delays and price hikes

10/25/18:  Fox BusinessCalifornia’s $77 billion bullet train will be one of the state’s great embarrassments: Larry Ellison

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02/10/17 – Los Angeles Times, “U.S. Transportation department executive approved grant days before taking job with rail contractor” By Ralph Vartabedian

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01/20/17 – Los Angeles Times, “Obama administration made last-minute modifications to California’s nearly $1-billion bullet train grant” By Ralph Vartabedian

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12/24/16 – Los Angeles Times, “The hunt for dollars to build the $64-billion bullet train” By Ralph Vartabedian

10/05/16 – KPCC – AirTalk, “Checking in on California’s controversial bullet train proposals” With Larry Mantle, Guests: Megan McCarty, KPCC Reporter, Karo Torossian, director of planning and the environment for Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Krekorian, and Paul Dyson, President of Rail Passenger Association of California and Nevada, an organization that supports the expansion of passenger rail projects.

09/25/16 – Los Angeles Times, “Bullet train route across Big Tujunga Wash meets growing opposition” By Ralph Vartabedian

09/22/16 – LA Daily News “Bullet train plan in Valley horse country could be derailed by LA City Council” by Dana Bartholomew

09/01/16 – Los Angeles Daily News “High-speed rail’s proposed Valley route faces LAUSD challenge” by Dana Bartholomew

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02/16/16 – Los Angeles Times, “Cost of California bullet train’s Central Valley leg projected to grow by $260 million” By Ralph Vartabedian

02/15/16 – Los Angeles Times, “Proposal would shift bullet train funding for use on new water projects” By Ralph Vartabedian

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01/23/16 – Los Angeles Times, “Bullet train’s first segment, reserved for Southland, could open in Bay Area instead” By Ralph Vartabedian

12/09/15 – Los Angeles Times, “California Democrat withdraws support for the high-speed rail project” By Ralph Vartabedian

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02/05/15 – The San Fernando Sun, “Residents Across the Valley Begin Process to Unify Efforts to Object to High-Speed Rail Through Their Communities” – By Diana Martinez

02/03/15 – Public radio station, KCRW (89.9 FM), presented a feature on our communities’ battle vs. high speed rail on Feb. 3. Our situation was discussed on “Which Way LA” hosted by Warren Olney and featuring Saul Gonzalez’s report.
Here is the audio of the entire segment, with commentary between host Warren Olney and reporter/producer Saul Gonzalez at the end. There is a segment about voting at the beginning, just be patient.

01/22/15 – Los Angeles Daily News, “Editorial: Don’t put the bullet train through L.A. horse country” By The Los Angeles News Group Editorial Board, LA Daily News

790 – KABC, “Doug McIntyre interviews Dave DePinto regarding the High Speed Rail’s proposed East Corridor”

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01/15/15 – NBCLA, “I Don’t Want to Ride My Horse Under the Rail:” Rural LA Communities Blast Bullet Train Route.” By Michael Larkin and Beverly White. Coverage of the January 13th Train Wreck Meeting

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01/14/15 – Los Angeles Times, “2,000 rally against plan to put high-speed rail in Angeles forest” By Dan Weikel. Coverage of the January 13th Train Wreck Meeting.  Also appeared Jan. 18, 2015 in print in the Los Angeles Times, California Section, with the title “Critics protest forest rail route” By Dan Weikel.

01/13/15 – ABC 7 – 6:00pm Report Before January 13th Train Wreck meeting and interview with David DePinto. By Melissa MacBride.

01/06/15 – The Los Angeles Daily News “San Fernando Valley’s cowboy country braces for a bullet train” By Dana Bartholomew.

State/National News

12/15/17 – San Diego Union-Tribune, “Editorial: California’s bullet train: No CEO, no funds, no future” By The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board

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01/16/17 – Wall Street Journal, “California’s Big Dig – Elaine Chao can take the train to Fresno off federal life support.” By WSJ Opinion Sign-in or Subscription required.

08/25/16 – Forbes, “California’s Cap-And-Trade Program Is Sick And Will Take High-Speed Rail Down With It” By Chuck DeVore

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05/19/16 – Mercury News, “Feds sign updated $2.5 billion high-speed rail grant with California” By Associated Press

05/18/16 – Politico, “High-speed rail gets a four-year delay, The first segment of the California bullet train won’t run till 2022 at the earliest”

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03/07/16 – The Hamilton Report, “Review of CHSRA 2016 Business Plan- Part 1” By Kathy Hamilton

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10/30/15 – The Hamilton Report, “New California’s Rail Project Woes” By Kathy Hamilton

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10/19/15 – Bloomberg Business, “Banks May Balk at Financing $68 Billion California Bullet Train” By James Nash

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08/09/15 –, “Upcoming High-Speed Rail case challenges key voter promises” By Kathy Hamilton

08/05/15 – California Political Review, “Supreme Court: High Speed Rail Must Abide by CEQA—Could Kill Project” By Stephen Frank

07/24/15 –, “Legislative Democrats showing doubts about the High-Speed Rail program” By Kathy Hamilton

07/21/15 – California Political Review, “High Speed Rail Authority Awards $1.2 Billion Contract—No $$ or EIR” By Stephen Frank

07/18/15 – The Fresno Bee, “Fresno County’s Measure C may aid land purchase for high-speed rail maintenance site” By Tim Sheehan

07/13/15 – The Fresno Bee, “More properties eyed in Valley counties for high-speed rail” By Tim Sheehan

06/28/15 – The Fresno Bee, “More than 200 properties face condemnation to clear way for high-speed rail” By Tim Sheehan

06/11/15 – The Fresno Bee, “Denham takes a Capitol step toward stopping high-speed rail” By Curtis Tate

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05/11/15 – The Press Enterprise, “EDITORIAL: More bullet-train funny math” By Press-Enterprise Editorial

04/14/15 – Fox & Hounds, “Lawmakers Dismiss Efforts To Protect Property Rights From High-Speed Rail” By John Hrabe Also posted on

04/14/15 – The Fresno Bee, “$261 million set aside for potential high-speed rail cost overruns in Valley” By Tim Sheehan The HSR cost overruns begin…

04/08/15 – Forbes, “How Bad Policies And Bad Ideas Caused The California Water Shortage” By Thomas Del Beccaro (page two specifically addresses HSR)

03/03/15 –, “Rail Authority’s Legislative Reports is not a “tell all” report” By Kathy Hamilton – SF Transportation Policy

02/23/15 – The Sacramento Bee, “Field Poll: Jerry Brown riding high, but not his big projects” By David Siders

02/21/15 – The Week, “The most expensive public-works project in U.S. history” By The Week Staff

02/19/15 – SFGate, “California high-speed rail dealt blow by Newsom’s about-face” By Carla Marinucci

02/13/15 – CNN, “World’s largest tunneling machine still stuck”

02/01/15 –, “Violation of Endangered Species Act further hampers High-Speed Rail progress” By Kathy Hamilton – SF Transportation Policy

01/15/15 – The San Diego Union-Tribune, “Costly high-speed rail not good for state or San Diego” By W. Mark Leslie

01/15/15 – Crescenta Valley Weekly, “Standing Room Only at HSR Meeting” By Mary O’Keefe

01/14/15 – YAHOO News, “The twisted saga behind California’s bullet train” Subtitle: “It’s a bold vision!” “No, it’s an Obama-esque boondoggle!” What the Golden State’s war over high-speed rail says about America’s ability to do Big Things. By Andrew Romano.