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We’ve just sent this invitation  to EVERY elected official representing the northeast San Fernando Valley (Schiff, Cardenas, Barger, Kuehl, Portantino, Hertzberg, Gonez, Rodriguez, Martinez, Garcetti, Wesson, Krekorian). Please save the date and join us, just like we did three years ago, at All Nations Church, when more than 2,300 residents came together to oppose the damaging high speed train proposals.

Be informed. Be Active. Be There!

More details to come. Stay tuned to SAFE Coalition website:

November 30, 2017

Dear (All Elected Officials Representing the Northeast San […]

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Part 5 – Posted 11/24/17 – HARD TRUTHS About High Speed Trains – The Early Politics, Deceit And Lack Of Transparency

In August 2014, months before the SAFE Coalition was created, residents throughout the area received a postcard in the mail indicating that an area through the Angeles National Forest was going to be studied for possible high speed train routes. THE HARD TRUTH was we learned about the high speed train threat via a postcard in the mail.

The area spanned from Palmdale to Burbank and it was referred to as the “yellow banana” cause that’s what it looked like on […]

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Part 4 – Posted 11/24/17-THE HARD TRUTHS About High Speed Trains – There Are Zero Benefits, Only Psychological, Social, Economic And Physical Damage Threatened By The Train

HAPPY THANKSGIVING – My Thanksgiving Gift to You!

In the last post, we walked through the decision making process for the high speed train project, explaining there is a high speed train “Authority” (appointed by the Governor and other electeds) and the role politics and environmental law play in the larger scheme of things. Note the SAFE Coalition refers to the project as the high speed “train” project and not the “rail” project. That’s to correct […]

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The Hard Truth about High Speed Trains in the NE San Fernando Valley: How Will Go/No Go Decisions Be Made About the High Speed “Train” Threat in the NE San Fernando Valley?

The project was approved by a fairly slim margin by voters in 2008…voters who were not aware of or thinking about the cost, the environmental impacts or the local damage the project would create. It is a pet project of Governor Jerry Brown, who is trying to move the project as far along as he can before he is termed out next year, with the election for his replacement […]

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Part 2 – Posted 11/13/17 – Contact Your Representative

Anyone can contact the City Council District 7 office by phone, email or walking into an office. They are there to serve the District. Here is who to contact:

Downtown office
Phone: 213-473-7007
Address: 200 N. Main Street, Room 455, Downtown LA

Sunland-Tujunga Office
Phone: 818-352-3287
Address: 7747 Foothill Blvd., Tujunga

Pacoima Office:
Phone: 818-485-0600
Address: 13520 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys

Sylmar Office:
Phone: 818-756-8409
Address: 14117 Hubbard Street  D1, Sylmar

Who to Contact by Phone, Email or In-Person:
Councilmember Monica Rodriguez (
Chief of Staff Doug Tripp (
Deputy Chief of Staff Christine Jerian (
District Director Eve Sinclair (

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The HARD TRUTHS about High Speed Trains in San Fernando Valley, CA- Part 1

PART 1 – POSTED 11/11/17 – “The Hard Truths” About High Speed Trains in the NE San Fernando Valley – The Basics

I’m choosing to brand this series “THE HARD TRUTHS” about high speed trains. Please, please, please encourage your friends and family to read every “Part” of this series over the next few weeks. That’s because the high speed train Authority and some of our elected officials have not been transparent or truthful to you. As we observed from victims of the high speed train project in Central California who have already lost their homes to eminent domain, we’ll […]

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Changes to the Environmental Milestone Schedule

Changes to the Environmental Milestone Schedule – Page 44

Download the PDF of the “Board meeting – 02/14/2017 Operations Report – Finance and Audit Meeting”
Page 44 has the revisions to the “Environmental Milestones Schedule.”

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2016 Candidate & CA. Proposition Forum

Below is a video of the 2016 Candidate and California Proposition Forum that was held at All Nations Church on Oct. 25, 2016. Thank you Krystee Clark for the video and editing!

DOWNLOAD a document that was presented regarding the 2016 Ballot Measures. It was compiled and presented by Kelly Decker, President of Kagel Canyon Civic Association.

Here is the video of the event:

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No HSR – Rally in Lakeview Terrace – 2016

Thanks to all that turned out to rally against the high speed rail!

Here is a recording of the entire rally:

Please also check out some of the media coverage:

Los Angeles Daily News “High-speed rail’s proposed Valley route faces LAUSD challenge” by Dana Bartholomew

Fox 11 News Report:

Los Angeles Daily News Media Center Photos of the rally by the LA Daily News.

SAFE Rally – Daily News:

KABC Peter Tilden interview with David DePinto Go to August 31st, 11am, and hit play. The interview starts about 24:21.

More will be posted as they become available…

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Fourth of July Parade!

Thanks to everyone for coming out for the Fourth of July Parade and helping out in whatever way you did. So many of you did little and big things to help us look the part in the parade. We were able to spread our message with thousands of people today. It was a good idea and thanks to those who suggested it and keep their eyes on public outreach opportunities. For those who could not attend, please know others represented you and our communities and you’ll have future opportunities to help out in whatever way is best for you.

A special […]

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