Dear San Fernando Valley Local Electeds:

We’ve spoken with and written many of you directly in the past few months about the need for greater local focus on High Speed Rail by our local elected officials in a venue and in a format that is not controlled by the California High Speed Rail Authority. We’ve received favorable reactions from many of your offices about our request for such a meeting, however, we’ve not made progress in terms of leadership, a plan, a date or a location for such a meeting.

As you saw on June 9th, more than 400 people, an extraordinary number, traveled to downtown LA for the CHSRA board meeting, taking a full day away from work and personal responsibilities to protest against high speed rail. Some of you attended personally or sent a representative, some of you did not attend. (link to videos from meeting – CLICK HERE). We feel that showing was herculean and passionate on the part of your constituents given the cost and hardship endured by many, and indicative of the need for the meeting we’ve been requesting.

While it’s not our place to ask for any one office to take the lead on this matter, and while we feel all San Fernando Valley electeds should come together to host this meeting, we suggest since it is a state project, that a special responsibility rests with our state local elected officials. There are venues in the San Fernando Valley that would be appropriate for such a meeting.

Thus, with all due respect, we request the offices of Senator Hertzberg, Senator Liu and Assemblymember Lopez take the lead in discussing this request and advising as to how this meeting may occur. The leaders of our impacted communities are available at any time to assist you in planning or strategizing on such a meeting given its importance.

Since CHSRA has declared their EIS/EIR process to be a “rolling” process, there is no time certain or major milestone to peg the meeting around other than the dire need of your constituents to dialogue directly to you, without a filter, interference or control by CHSRA. We strongly request a plan for this meeting be developed in the next 30 days and that a date be set to host the meeting in September.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the other community leaders involved in this issue. Thank you.

Dave DePinto
President, Shadow Hills Property Owners Assn.
Member, S.A.F.E. Coalition