MR_Pacoima3 edited1Hundreds of Protest Letters Delivered To Councilmember Monica Rodriguez

Nine months into Councilmember Rodriguez’ first term, and less than two weeks after she and her staff snubbed all communities threatened by the high-speed train meeting by NOT attending the Unity Meeting held at All Nations Church, members of the SAFE Coalition delivered more than 225 signed letters and a petition signed by an additional 70+ residents from every community in the northeast San Fernando Valley to CD7 field offices in Pacoima, Sylmar and Sunland-Tujunga. The residents’ letters and petition call for the Councilmember to work with the SAFE Coalition in a transparent manner, to stop delaying action that would remove routes E1 and E2, and to represent their will and not her own agenda on high-speed trains.

Specifically, the residents call for Councilmember Rodriguez to lead the City Council to pass a Motion demanding immediate REMOVAL of proposed routes E1 and E2 from further consideration BEFORE focusing her attention on alternative routes that may or may not be feasible, but which will certainly require many more years of study, keeping our communities hostage indefinitely, to the benefit of the high-speed train Authority and its supporters such as unions and construction contractors.

Bottom line, due to the lack of action by Councilmember Rodriguez, our communities are no better off today with the City of LA on this issue than they were over a year ago when the Councilmember signed a Pledge and made a major campaign promise. Don’t railroad us Councilmember Rodriguez, work with us!

To send your own letter, click Monica Rodriquez so that you can download, print, sign your name and address, and email to and Thank you.