March 14, 2018

Dear Councilmember Rodriguez and Staff:

Now that you’ve recently received more than 300 additional written requests from informed residents that you meet with the SAFE Coalition to work together on high speed train strategy and action, we are following up to request you propose several meeting dates and times without further delay that would be convenient for you, and then we’ll work to ensure members of the SAFE Coalition leadership group be available as well. We will also let all the people who submitted those letters know of your response.

With the 2018 Business Plan public review period underway, and with CHSRA announcing several months ago another 2 year delay in their environmental studies, we believe the timing is more critical than ever for you to join with us in demanding removal of the E1 and E2 routes as the first order of business in our community’s ongoing dealings with the Authority. That action could be taken as official comment during this Business Plan review period and would be most in keeping with the Pledge and campaign promise you made during your campaign.

As we’ve communicated to you, we too have sought consideration of the Metrolink Alternative, as well as other alternatives, and been denied by the Authority. The Mayor also raised this Alternative more than a year ago and there must not be any action by CHSRA if you needed to re-surface the Alternative nearly ten months later. Thus, we view any study of the Metrolink Alternative as a long-term, long-shot that would require another 3-5 years of environmental study if it is even proven to be in compliance with Prop 1A. Your District must not remain hostage as these long-term solutions are explored. We are calling for this action on existing routes to precede any further efforts on long-term alternatives and would constitute a very substantive City Council motion, which we have asked you to pursue many times in the past, as well.

You know it is untrue to state that you’ve met with the SAFE Coalition, which you have not done since taking office in July 2017, and we hope to see you embrace partnering on developing a solution here. We will continue to communicate with you in our capacity as the “true” Advisory Council to CD7 on the high speed train issue, and we will keep our community and community leaders updated on your response. We hope to hear from you soon on this, or we will reach out to your office once again.

Thank you.

Dave DePinto
President Shadow Hills Property Owners Assn.
Member, SAFE Coalition