Thanks to everyone for coming out for the Fourth of July Parade and helping out in whatever way you did. So many of you did little and big things to help us look the part in the parade. We were able to spread our message with thousands of people today. It was a good idea and thanks to those who suggested it and keep their eyes on public outreach opportunities. For those who could not attend, please know others represented you and our communities and you’ll have future opportunities to help out in whatever way is best for you.

A special thanks to Sue Mansis for coordinating much of the activity, Lois for the use of her truck, and to Lisa Hoffort for organizing the equestrian component of our involvement. We know many others did lots of things from banners, to artwork for banners, to trucks, to decorations, etc., so again, thank you.

In the photo, that’s Sue and Lee Mansis carrying the lead banner. Behind them are Tracey Adams, who helped create the banner, and Tina Petrossian, both from Lake View Terrace. Behind them is Cindy Bloom who looks to be filming the photographer. Carol Gildersleeve and her husband were passing out flyers? On the truck were Lois and Katherine Dayen, Terri Ortiz and Cile Borman.
Leading the cheering squad was Kelly Decker who was assisted by Kelly Rose’s daughter. The chant was something like: “Jerry Brown don’t have no brain, we don’t need no stinkin’ train. Save Our water Save Our Trails, we don’t need no high speed rails.” Kelly’s husband and son were there too. The entire Chapin family was out there so Doug carried the load for Rancho Verdugo, thanks for coming Doug! Nina Royal was there doing double duty for both SAFE and Dave Barron’s campaign. Of course the Stedmans were there and Gerri Summe delighted us with her presence. Cindy Cleghorn brought our newest “Save Our Trails” banners and introduced us all to all the muckety mucks.
Kit was resplendent in her bright red hat. We had a cavalry of horses in front of this group thanks to Lisa Hoffort. Tamara was there helping out with horses and signage…did I forget anyone? In all we had about two dozen lawn signs and banners and the crowds were very receptive and supportive of us.

Hey, if you were not there you missed a good time and Baskin Robbins ice cream at the end!
Let’s keep working for Independence for our communities from this menace!