Unity Meeting Video 2/22/18 is Online Now

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UNITY MEETING 2-22-18 PART 1 : (you may have to rewind to beginning)

1. Welcome & Introductions  Cue at :10

2.  We’re Staying and We’re Fighting: Creek Fire Recovery  Cue at 6:42

3.  Timeline: 3 Years and Counting  Cue at 28:27

4. Fake News: Truth and Transparency (continued in Part 2) Cue at 39:33

UNITY MEETING 2-22-18 PART 2: (you may have to rewind to beginning)
5. Fake News: Truth and […]

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Part 5 – Posted 11/24/17 – HARD TRUTHS About High Speed Trains – The Early Politics, Deceit And Lack Of Transparency

In August 2014, months before the SAFE Coalition was created, residents throughout the area received a postcard in the mail indicating that an area through the Angeles National Forest was going to be studied for possible high speed train routes. THE HARD TRUTH was we learned about the high speed train threat via a postcard in the mail.

The area spanned from Palmdale to Burbank and it was referred to as the “yellow banana” cause that’s what it looked like on […]

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Changes to the Environmental Milestone Schedule

Changes to the Environmental Milestone Schedule – Page 44

Download the PDF of the “Board meeting – 02/14/2017 Operations Report – Finance and Audit Meeting”
Page 44 has the revisions to the “Environmental Milestones Schedule.”

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39th District Assembly Candidate Forum

39th District Assembly Candidate Forum

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El Nino+Haines Canyon Creek+High Speed Rail=Disaster

David DePinto narrates a walk on Wentworth Street and Haines Canyon Creek during a sizable El Nino rainstorm on Jan. 6, 2016. This is where California High Speed Rail Authority has proposed one of the routes (E2) to be located.

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